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Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Oracle’s complete Customer Experience Platform, which comes with the full depth of Oracle integrated information and is the best solution on the market. Oracle has a fully developed infrastructure to support the bird’s view of the customer experience.

Rastech, which is affiliated with Oracle in every few sections to controls the launch to the end. Oracle pillar teams participating in the program include CX Cloud teams from Customer Data Management to Sales Cloud, service, Field Service, CPQ, and Commerce Cloud, sales and management teams across PaaS OIC and Analytics Cloud, as well as Oracle office back teams with JD Edwards.
We helped set up and participate in Program Management Office to use the single integrated Oracle platform and developed an in-depth understanding of Operating Model & Strategic Objectives, which took more than 18 months of testing with 20+ team members and more than 30 Oracle team members, in a start-up period of ten months.

Help us define how to focus on customers. Our work effort has defined the customer journey in terms of internal processes for managing that collaboration. Help us focus on Process Transformation, followed by empowering Oracle Technology.
We also provided CX-based thought leadership, years of experience in building industry knowledge and modernizing service organizations for businesses.

Oracle SaaS and PaaS Customer Experience Cloud Applications

Cloud Sales & Service: Oracle CX Cloud catalogs only, differentiate, and track all interactions across all channels. Serving as the central hub for all customer interactions, CX Cloud integrates customer-oriented tasks from each Oracle Cloud product into architecture. It is also based on its native, self-read Knowledge base that learns from all searches, views, and applications and continues to learn as an employee and customer using the knowledge base.

Field Service Cloud: The Oracle CX Platform has improved Field Performance, where only Oracle Field Service Cloud measures all the work of the field in real-time, including the time it takes to complete tasks and navigate between sites. Oracle Field Service Cloud also reads for itself – that is. reads the history of each activity and creates a profile of a unique performance pattern, or fingerprint of each task, and continues to learn as employee activity patterns change over time. Oracle Field Service Cloud is also Predictive, incorporating profiles into the operating pattern to create daily routes and schedules.

Oracle Intelligent Advisor: Oracle IA helps facilitate field service technicians to take progress, questions, and exit activities. With a targeted interview, the required data is captured accurately and sufficiently to accurately locate job reporting.

Commerce Cloud: Oracle has a state-of-the-art Commerce Platform integrated with the CX Platform to help speed up the Order Process, which enables faster and higher volume sales to drive revenue, eliminates censorship and buy process that puts more employees at risk, and creates better customer relationships to expand. opportunities to return and place additional orders.

CPQ: Oracle CPQ provides real-time heuristics that allow employees to access pricing history data and provide accurate quotes to customers. Oracle CPQ enhances profitability and increases product penetration through targeted sales and increases revenue through a variety of sales and best-selling products with high margins and high product performance. Oracle CPQ also helps simplify the quote process and reduce time conversion rates while providing 100% order accuracy and improving delivery between field service, product management, supply chain, and ultimately a vendor network.

Oracle Customer Data Management: CDM provided record/source registration and reference (“x-ref”), to prevent real-time duplicate data, remove existing system records and address verification and correction.

Oracle Integration Cloud: OIC provided a central API Catalog, automation with Oracle Cloud application integration, intelligent data map and recommendations, and targeted integration to orchestrate, map, pub/sub, and data creation of the cross-platform has become a reality.

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