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E commerce implementation

B2B & B2C eCommerce implementation to cope with the evolving market

Imagining business success without an online presence is almost impossible today. Whether you run an independent business, a mid-sized enterprise, or a large company, online commerce is a must. But implementing an eCommerce ecosystem is a seemingly challenging thought for many business owners. Besides, unparalleled competition makes it look even more difficult.

But the truth is you cannot think of long-term business goals without digital commerce — no matter how challenging it seems. That’s why OrangeMantra is here to help you. Our eCommerce implementation services are designed to liberate you from the complexities of eCommerce design, development, and implementation. With a team of business consultants, eCommerce experts, and veteran software developers, we are ready to help address all your online business needs.

Advantages of eCommerce Implementation

24×7 selling

Going digital means that you are not restricted to the physical store’s definition anymore. Your online store is always open!

Repeat business opportunities

Customer loyalty and repeat purchase are more common in online settings than in physical marketplaces.

Lower operating costs

Once you have set up the online store, the operating costs get significantly lower than a brick-and-mortar store.

Perceived brand value

Having an online presence renders a better brand image, enhancing the value of your brand among customers and prospects.

Expanded customer base

eCommerce empowers you to go much beyond the geographic limits of your business and sell anywhere you want.

Customer data & insights

Customers’ purchase history, shopping behavior, and cart items give you deep insights to create effective business strategies.

eCommerce Implementation Services That Perfectly Meet Your Requirements

Some businesses have their plan ready; they just need a tech partner. Whereas others may need consulting before starting to implement eCommerce. We cater to all kinds of clients.

B2B eCommerce Implementation

Enterprise-grade eCommerce development and implementation for all kinds of business-to-business online transactions.

B2C eCommerce Implementation

Online stores with captivating design and unique sets of features that attract customers and help you stand out from the crowd.

Cloud & Headless Commerce

Highly scalable, secure, and superfast eCommerce solutions that provide your customer with immersive and frictionless experiences.

m-Commerce Development

Mobile apps dominate digital commerce. We help you to become a competent part of the m-Commerce universe with a flawless app.

eCommerce Platform Migration

Your first eCommerce platform always doesn’t have to be the last. Move a better platform for superior performance and higher profits.

eCommerce Maintenance & Support

Be it ensuring downtime-free eCommerce operations or boosting the performance of your existing online store, we are here to help.